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Our Chardonnay Frontals are of a higher quality than our Chardonnay Collection bundles. It is made of top virgin hair. This hair can be customized, dyed, washes, curled, and bleached without any issues. Our Chardonnay Collection is an undetectable lace closure. Our closures blend effortlessly and look extremely natural giving the appearance of the hair actually growing from your scalp! Each individual hair has been hand tied to a lace base material that allows you to part the hair however you desire. No glue or adhesives needed to apply makes for a more natural and healthy install. Closures are available in lengths 14”, 16” or 18”and are a perfect size of 4x4. Chardonnay Collection has longevity of 2-3 installs. We recommend you to pair Crystal Collection with our Chardonnay Collection closures. Our closure come preplucked. Note: Closure knots do not come bleached